Do dental implants prevent bone loss?

By June 21, 2017Dental Implants
bone loss (bone resorption) occurs with no teeth or dental implants

From left to right, see the jawbone reduce in size when no natural teeth or implants remain to provide stimulation.

Yes, dental implants help prevent bone loss!

Dental implants provide so many benefits for patients, positively changing their lives. But implants also do something absolutely wonderful: they keep the jaw bone strong.

Without our natural teeth, there is no tooth root are constantly simulate the bone every time we chew. Now, bones like stimulation to keep them strong. With no stimulation, they slowly start to disintegrate (resorb).

Facial collapse through jaw bone resorbtionWith teeth missing, the jaw bone deteriorates,  the face collapses inward, upper lip falls & the lower jaw sits higher.

Why is bone loss a problem?

Your jaw bone and face starts to change shape, giving that sunken in, drawn appearance. You start to look old before your time. And there is no way of fixing this. Also, if you wear dentures, you have to keep returning to the dentist for relines, so that your dental prosthetist can adjust your dentures to accommodate these bone changes.

As time goes on, more bone disintegrates and it becomes increasingly difficult to keep your dentures fitting well – and comfortably.

Dental implants: the only solution to prevent bone loss (for individuals missing teeth)

For those with missing teeth, implants are the only solution to prevent bone loss. Implants are made of titanium alloy – an extremely strong metal used in space shuttles and rockets. It’s completely biocompatible (not harmful or toxic to living tissue), anti-allergenic and noncorrosive. Within months it completely fuses into the jawbone providing strong support for your future crown, bridge or implant-supported denture. And, as an added bonus, it prevents any neighbouring teeth from moving or loosening.

If you’ve lost all of your teeth, there are several options to replace your teeth; however, dental implants are the only way to keep your jawbone healthy and strong.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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