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Perth-based Dentures Plus is a chain of dental prosthetists clinics started by Dental Prosthetist Lucas Lang in 1998. Along with his team of experienced dental professionals, they take great pride in producing high quality, well fitted, natural looking dentures.

Dentures Plus has five fully equipped clinics in the following convenient locations: JoondalupMaddington and Leeming in Perth, Western Australia.

Dentures Plus is dedicated to the craft of making perfectly fitted dentures, which is why we call ourselves the denture experts.  Each clinic has a highly experienced and qualified dental prosthetist, using only the latest materials.

 Lucas Lang Dentures Plus Perth

Introducing Lucas Lang

Dental Prosthetist Lucas Lang comenced his initial training at Advanced Dental Laboratories. After working several years in the profession, he travelled to Queensland where he completed a Masters of Dental Technology in Prosthetics at Griffith University in Queensland.

Further to his professional consulting role, Lucas also lectured at the Central Institute of Technology, Nedlands.


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Dentistry Plus

Dentistry Plus

Dentures Plus is affiliated with Dentistry Plus – a full service family dental and cosmetic dentistry clinic, staffed with a select team of experienced dental professionals.

Services at Dentistry Plus include white or tooth coloured fillings & crowns, dental implants, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental emergencies & wisdom teeth extractions.

Dental Prosthetist

What is a Dental Prosthetist?

Dental prosthetists differ from both dentists and dental technicians. Dental prosthetists are masters in the fit and construction of partial dentures, dentures and mouthguards. It takes eight years of study and apprenticeship before an individual may become a fully qualified dental prosthetist. They must first train extensively to become a dental technician, working closely with a dentist by referral, then take further study before finally becoming qualified to consult with patients directly.

“When you put yourself in the care of a dental prosthetist you can be secure in the knowledge that you’re being looked after by a health professional with the most comprehensive knowledge of advanced techniques, new materials and the latest world trends in the field of denture prosthetics”. – ADPA


Dental technicians offer a valuable contribution to the dental industry and are an important part of our team here at Dentures Plus. They are technical experts in fabricating all removable and fixed dental prostheses.


Dentists are highly respected members of the healthcare community that perform a vital role in caring for our dental health. It takes five years to qualify as a dentist. Also known as dental surgeons, they focus in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of conditions and diseases of the teeth and gums. Many dentists train further to implement certain procedures that neither dental prosthetists or dental technicians can perform, such as laser dentistry or dental implants.

If you require dentures, call Dentures Plus today for an appointment. We guarantee a personal, one on one experience that will leave you confident knowing you are in the care of a highly qualified dentures expert.

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If you have any queries about our range of services – or any particular concerns regarding dentures you would like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to call us.

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