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By August 18, 2017Dentures
Dentures Plus | HBF participating provider & Medibank
Dentures Plus | HBF participating provider & Medibank

Have your dentures checked every year, not every 40 years!

(We’re offering free denture check-ups, so get yours checked now)

Almost everyone in the dental profession has stories of patients that have not had their dentures checked in over a decade. In fact, recently, the ADPA (Australian Dental Prosthetists Association) cited an example of a patient who had not had their dentures checked in over 40 years. This is not good!

“Dentures need to be checked at least once a year.”

dplus-lucas-03Some people aren’t aware that dentures require checking and maintenance every year; they are not a one-off, set-and-forget deal. Typically, those that don’t get them checked are also the ones that complain that their dentures are annoying, uncomfortable or painful.

Save money over the long term

We need to maintain our dentures because our bodies are ever-changing. Denture wear, changes in the gums and a patient’s overall health can have an impact on the comfort and effectiveness of your dentures. Annual visits to your dental clinic can help stave off many potential problems:

  • headaches
  • neck and joint pain
  • poor digestion
  • irritated and soft gums
  • bone loss – and occasionally changes in facial contour

And, some of these changes are irreversible.

“A visit to your local dental prosthetists or dentist annually can help ensure you save both time and money in the long run, and we’re encouraging people to have their dentures checked by their local dental prosthetist…. or at least make an appointment.”

– John Rompotis, ADPA president.

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Are you due for a check-up? Free denture checks available now!

Lucas LangDuring your examination, if required, your dental prosthetist may suggest giving your dentures a reline. Unlike the free examination, this would be a paid service. A reline involves remodelling the fitting surface of the denture to improve the way it fits your gums – as are likely to have changed shape over time. After your reline, you will more than likely find that your dentures feel far more comfortable and secure.

Are you due for a denture check-up?

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T&C: Offer is for a denture check, but not a reline, repair or clean. This free denture check is for assessment & advice only.

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