Four under One

Full Arch Rehab on four dental implants (Four Under One) – special 10th anniversary special from just 16k!
Full Arch Rehab on four dental implants (Four Under One) – special 10th anniversary special from just 16k!

The most cost-effective full arch rehabilitation option, giving a permanent solution for denture wearers with teeth that look & feel like your own.

The Four Under One® procedure is an advanced, technically innovative procedure where a fixed bridge is supported by just four dental implants placed in the jawbone. The Four-under-One Full Arch Rehab can be used in either the lower or upper jaw, giving you teeth that look and feel like your own.

Dental payment plans

At Dentistry Plus, we offer competitive prices for our dental implants in our Perth dental clinics. But it’s still hard to pay the fee in one lump sum. That’s why we’ve introduced payment plans to make your important dental implant procedure more budget-friendly.

Dental Payment Plans through Pretty Penny Finance now available! Click to learn more
Dental Payment Plans through Pretty Penny Finance now available! Click to learn more

The Four Under One® approach is an ideal solution for you, if you:

  • Find wearing dentures uncomfortable
  • Have no teeth at all, or very few healthy teeth
  • You have severe gum disease and your teeth can’t be saved
  • You’ve been told you aren’t suitable for dental implants as you don’t have adequate bone

Dental Clinic Implant quote!

Terms & conditions apply. See below for more details.

Four Under One® is fast

With our Four Under One® procedure, you can have your brand new smile in as little as 2 days. Once your implants are placed in your jaw, the fixed bridge will be permanently secured to your implants. The healing time is much shorter than other dental implant procedures, as the immediate load from your new bridge encourages bone healing and growth to secure the implants.

Four Under One® is a permanent solution

While the Four-under-One® procedure is not cheap, it is cost-effective in that fewer implants are required, and as the procedure is permanent, it puts an end to costly dental repairs and maintenance you may have needed previously.

After your Four Under One® procedure you’ll enjoy:
  • Pain free chewing and eating
  • Confidence to bite, chew and talk freely
  • Improved nutrition as you can eat a wider range of foods
  • A healthier jaw as your new implants stimulate bone growth
  • Easy cleaning with only four implants
  • A fast solution to your dental problems, with the procedure completed in around 3 days.

Full Arch Rehab on Four Dental Implants
Full Arch Rehab on Four Dental Implants
A fixed bridge is permanently secured to four implants

Terms and conditions

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

T&C Regarding implant quote:

  • Lowest price offer is for implants and placement only
  • Quotes only provided to patients whereby the dentist deems the procedure suitable.
  • Does not apply for any Groupon or Scoopon-type specials
  • Offer only valid for registered West Australian dental clinics – not overseas or interstate clinics
  • Dentistry Plus has the right to refuse any quotes that are not genuine

T&C Regarding ’10th anniversary special’

  • Not all patients are suitable for this treatment. The dentist has absolute discretion on what is suitable for you and may refuse treatment for any reason.
  • $16k price only gives you the preliminary bridge. We recommend you replace this bridge after 12 months.
  • Finance is only available to successful applicants to Pretty Penny Finance.
  • Cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any other offer

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