The new technique promising a lower cost of dental implants: good news for (some) denture wearers here in Perth…

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Dental or tooth implants have been a lifesaver for so many people that have found traditional dentures uncomfortable. And now, new research has made them more affordable for some patients*.

*Depending on a patient’s pathology and denture requirements.

Although some individuals have been happy wearing full dentures, for others, particularly when missing all of their lower teeth, wearing complete dentures has not been a satisfying option. Pain, instability and difficulty eating or talking made wearing full dentures difficult. Conversely, dental implants enable patients the ability to have dentures that fit securely in their mouth, that look and feel like their own, bringing immeasurable improvements to their health and quality of life.

Dental implants cost: why the discrepancy?

Given that teeth implants promise to restore the quality of life for so many people, questions surrounding the cost of dental implants are often asked. Dental implants are not cheap, although prices do vary, depending on the practitioner, but moreso by the number of implants fitted – depending on the patient’s pathology and requirements.

Affordable dental implants

Promising new research has proven that for some individuals there is no need to pay an excessive amount. In the past, practitioners would insist that to be fully functioning with implants, the procedure would cost tens of thousands of dollars. But this is now not always necessary. (This price was based on the proposal of providing several implants, both top and bottom, as well as dentures and a permanent bridge.)

For many individuals, it’s just not possible to spend tens of thousands of dollars on implants. Understandably, many people are searching for the cheapest dental implants they can find, which is why many are flying offshore to chase cheaper options (that may not be approved by Australia’s TGA).


Although we cannot speak for the quality or professional standards of all overseas dentists, it’s important for people to know that you don’t have to go overseas – you can have an extremely affordable dental implant procedure right here in Perth.

At Dentistry Plus, some patients may be able to be fit with just one implant that can provide enough retention and stability for your full lower denture. This will dramatically decrease the price. However, there will be other costs involved, such as x-rays, appointment times, costs of other prosthesis or devices such as abutments, crowns or dentures.

However, the fact that this technique relies on just one dental implant rather than four, six or even eight implants means that a considerable financial saving is made for patients that are deemed fit for the procedure by our dentist.

…you don’t have to go overseas – you can have an affordable dental implant procedure right here in Perth.

Dental payment plans

At Dentistry Plus, we offer competitive prices for our dental implants in our Perth dental clinics (In fact, we’ll beat any WA implant quote). But it’s still hard to pay the fee in one lump sum. That’s why we’ve introduced payment plans to make your important dental implant procedure more budget-friendly.

Dental Payment Plans through Pretty Penny Finance now available! Click to learn more
Dental Payment Plans through Pretty Penny Finance now available! Click to learn more

Comfort & quality of life with a single implant: promising new research revealed

The idea of paying such a low price could certainly raise some eyebrows. Surely it wouldn’t be as good? Is it some type of desperate option with poor results? Not so. And there’s research to prove it.

Australian Specialist Prosthedontist Dr Glen Liddelow performed a 36-month study in 2009 to ascertain whether the loading of a single titanium implant would be sufficient to provide stability, functional improvement and more patient satisfaction. The results were excellent.

The patients he was focusing on had no lower teeth and were currently wearing dentures with poor retention and instability which resulted in pain, denture sores and problems eating and talking. By placing just one implant, front and centre of the lower jaw, the patient could then conveniently clip on a mandibular overdenture and enjoy excellent stability and comfort.

Best of all, the whole procedure is more reasonable priced.

This report on 36 months of follow-up for the single implant retained mandibular overdenture… indicates that it is a positive treatment modality, which should make it advantageous for completely edentulous patients with limited resources to benefit from an implant assisted prosthesis. It may well be considered the entry-level treatment option for rehabilitation of the edentulous mandible in selected patients…

– The Immediately Loaded Single Implant Retained Mandibular Overdenture,
Glen Liddelow, BDSc, MScD, DClinDent, FRACDS/Patrick Henry, BDSc, MScD, DClinDent, FRACDS, 2009.

An excellent solution for so many that need implant-supported dentures, but aren’t flush with cash

With people now living longer, the number of denture wearers is steadily increasing. Many people in this demographic are no longer financial and can be quite disadvantaged. Finding a solution to improve their quality of life in a cost-effective manner has been critical.

This treatment, involving just single stage surgery, followed by the fitting of a mandibular overdenture (or implant-supported denture) may be an ideal solution for some patients suffering the discomfort of ill-fitting lower dentures.

Read more about our dental implant and denture options here >

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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