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By September 7, 2016Dental Implants, Dentures


The Denture Connect Plus system offers a vast improvement for traditional denture wearers. Instead of having to put up with discomfort, instability and lack of retention, Denture Connect Plus uses attachments that clip your denture to implants, giving the wearer the look and feel of lifelike teeth with far greater stability and comfort.

The Denture Connect Plus system has some advantages over other full arch rehabilitations:

  • can be removed with ease whenever the user wants
  • is far less expensive, saving from $10K-12K

The Denture Connect Plus system also enables you to:

  • Improve your ability to bite efficiently by over 65%, allowing for far greater nutrition
  • Stop jawbone tissue wasting away through resorption/disintegration
  • Stop buying denture adhesives
  • Stop suffering with mouth ulcers, sores and irritated gum (often caused by dentures)
  • Use your current denture as the clip-on device for denture connect plus, (other full arch rehabilitations require an expensive new dental bridge to be made, costing $10K to $12K.)

Providing your current denture is in good condition, we can use it to clip onto just two or three implants. This is less than the amount required for the conventional full arch rehabilitation procedure which relies on four implants, plus the cost of a fixed bridge, which is between an excessive $10 to $12K.

Dental payment plans

At Dentistry Plus, we offer competitive prices for our dental implants in our Perth dental clinics (In fact, we’ll beat any WA implant quote). But it’s still hard to pay the fee in one lump sum. That’s why we’ve introduced payment plans to make your important dental implant procedure more budget-friendly.

Dental Payment Plans through Pretty Penny Finance now available! Click to learn more
Dental Payment Plans through Pretty Penny Finance now available! Click to learn more

No more uncomfortable, bulky upper dentures

Conventional dentures are bulky and cover the roof of the mouth. This can be frustrating for many denture wearers, as not only does this affect their speech, but also greatly affects the ability to taste food (there are taste buds on the roof of the mouth, not just on your tongue).

When using your existing denture, our dental prosthetist will reline your denture to fit the new system, as well as cut away the central area of the denture (palate ) so that when worn, your tongue can freely touch the roof of your mouth, which is far more comfortable and easier for both talking and eating.

Relined denture with attachments

An existing denture relined and reshaped to accommodate dental implants for the Denture Connect Plus system

Dental implants in upper jaw

Dental implants are inserted and have osseointegrated to the bone ( bonded to the bone tissue), ready to connect to the new Denture Connect + clip-on denture.

Relined denture fitted and connected to implants

A newly relined denture (previously worn by the patient as a conventional denture) – shaped and connected to the dental implants. Note the palate of the denture is also cut away for greater comfort and improved ability to taste food.

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