Visiting Your Dental Hygienist – What to Expect

By October 18, 2013Dentures, General Dental
Importance of visiting your dental hygienist, particularly with dentures and implant-supported dentures

Did you know that visiting your dental hygienist is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your oral health?

Even if you’ve taken the best of care at home, with a professional consultation, your hygienist can clean & inspect your teeth in vital ways that cannot be achieved at home.

For denture wearers & implant-supported denture wearers especially, it’s important to note that dentures can cause plaque, which leads to recession and inflammation of gums. This is the cause of most dental related problems. Plaque could also lead to infection or cavities on exposed root surfaces. To avoid this, make sure you keep to your regular dental hygiene appointments!

If you are a denture wearer, here’s what to expect from a visit to your dental hygienist:

  1. Your hygienist will start by reviewing your medical history to make sure there are no medical conditions that could influence your treatment.
  2. They will then assess the condition of your neck and head region, then your tongue, natural teeth, gums and all other areas of your mouth. Paying special attention to areas that come under stress through supporting your dentures, they will check for any rubbing or irritation. If anything looks problematic, they will refer you to an appropriate health professional to help you out with your condition.
  3. Now you will have the regular “clean and scale” of your natural teeth, which removes the hardened, calcified plaque build-up around the base of your teeth, which is unhealthy to leave unchecked. Usually your dental hygienist will use a hand instrument to do this, or possibly a vibrating ultrasonic instrument. It’s good to know that none of this is painful or uncomfortable in any way.
  4. When it comes to cleaning your dentures, your dental hygienist may use a mechanical denture cleaner which will help remove more stubborn areas of build-up of plaque on your dentures.
  5. Now the glamorous bit! Your natural teeth will be polished to remove any stains, giving you a white, brighter smile. Additionally, you may also receive a fluoride treatment to strengthen your teeth – or possibly some type of desensitisation treatment if required.
  6. Finally, after this thorough inspection and clean of your natural teeth & dentures, your dental hygienist will recommend a personalised oral health care plan for you.

How long has it been since your last dental hygiene check-up?

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