What is a dental prosthetist?

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Lucas Lang, Dental Prosthetist at Dentures Plus, Perth WA

Let’s be honest – most people can barely pronounce the word, let alone know what a dental prosthetist is!

If you’re needing dentures, however, visiting a dental prosthetist is highly advisable, which is why at our denture clinics in LeemingJoondalup, Maddington & Leederville we have dental prosthetists working in-house. Here’s why they are so important…

Dental prosthetists are different from both dentists & dental technicians.

To complete their education, firstly the potential prosthetist has to qualify as a dental technician. They must spend an additional two years working under the guidance and referral of a dentist, as well as undertaking further academic study before they can graduate as a dental prosthetist. Once they are qualified, they may consult with patients directly.

Dental Prosthetist

A dental prosthetist is registered to manufacture partial and complete dentures, including implant-supported dentures and mouth guards.

Dental prosthetists are extremely competent in the area of dentures, due to their knowledge of cutting edge techniques, trends and new materials.

What sort of work to dental prosthetists do?

A dental prosthetist’s work involves using their hands with a lot of intricate detail and precision. There are also a lot of specialised tools and equipment, so, by nature, they tend to be people that pay extreme attention to detail. They often tend to be artistically skilled, as the job does require some artistic ability to construct form and design. Further, a good dental prosthetist should have excellent communication skills as they have two work closely with their patients and be sensitive enough to listen carefully to the patient’s needs.

Denture Reline

Seeing a dental prosthetist for your dentures

Prosthetics are purely what dental prosthetists focus on, so they have immense experience and expertise in the area. Also, as they can work directly with the patient, saving the patient time.

The Australian Dental Prosthetists Association Ltd

In Australia, all dental prosthetist can choose to be registered under the Australian Dental Prosthetist Association Ltd, which is a national body. According to the ADPA, “The Association has a Code of Conduct which all members are committed to, ensuring professional service to the outgoing community.”

Every dental prosthetist must be registered with AHPRA and licensed to practice by the licensing board under the authority of the State Department of Health.

Do I need a referral?

You do not need a referral if you are to visit a dental prosthetist. You can visit a dental prosthetist of your choice directly.

If you’re needing dentures, why not visit our dental prosthetists at one of our Dentures Plus branches today?

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