Discover the positive benefits of
Denture Connect Plus!

Now there’s no need to put up with bulky upper denture plates. With Denture Connect Plus, we can often connect your current denture to implants, at a fraction of the price of a full arch rehabilitation.

No more bulky upper dentures

Denture Connect Plus conveniently secures your dentures to dental implants. Plus, health insurance rebates are available.

(Please check with your insurance provider. Rebates depend on level of cover)

Once you have undergone your dental implant procedure, we can often adapt your existing denture to connect to your new dental implants. Then you can easily click your dentures on and off whenever it suits, making denture wearing – and cleaning, a whole lot easier. Compared to procedures like a full arch rehabilitation,  you can save approximately $10K – $12K.

Reliable, comfortable implant supported dentures allow you to eat, talk and laugh freely. And, you’ll avoid suffering the detrimental loss of vital bone tissue.

Without your natural teeth, the bone in your jaw gradually dissolves, and facial features slowly fall in.

Denture Connect Plus system allows you to:

  • Prevent your jawbone from shrinking (bone resorption), a major issue for denture wearers
  • Potentially save money – use your current denture (in most cases), unlike a full arch rehabilitation, saving $10-12K
  • Improve your biting efficiency by over 65% – allowing far greater nutrition
  • Taste your food again! We’ll cut out the palate of your denture, so you enjoy the taste of food and not have to tolerate a bulky plate.
  • Say goodbye to mouth sores,  irritated gums & denture adhesives

Introducing the Denture Connect Plus Implant Package (does not include denture)


Maxillary (Upper) Implants required for Denture Connect
Item: 684 implant = $2600 x 4 = $10,400
Item: 022 (OPG x-ray) $103
Item 691 (exposure & testing) = $500 x 4 =$2000
Item: 661 abutment =$1200 x 4 = $4800
Item: 735 attachments = $231 x 4 = $924
Item: 744 reline = $350

Old Total Price =  $18,577


Maxillary (Upper) Implants required for Denture Connect
Item: 684 implant = $1750 x 4 = $ 7000
Item: 037 (OPG x-ray) =  $103
Item 691 (exposure & testing) $400 x 4 = $1600
Item: 661 abutment = $800 x 4 = $3200
Item: 735 attachments = $180 x 4 = $720
Item: 744 reline =  $250

New Total Price =  $12,873

Please note…

This package does not include extractions, synthetic bone, or a new denture. It may be possible to use your old denture for this procedure if the prosthetist thinks it is in good condition.

Health Insurance rebates may apply. Please check with your fund and quote the item numbers on this page.

Payment plans are now available. See more information here >>>

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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Dental Implants Prevent Detrimental Bone Shrinkage

The longer you wear conventional dentures, the more your bone will disintegrate, making it more uncomfortable to wear dentures – as well as causing facial collapse. (The below image is of the lower jaw, not upper, but indicates the bone degeneration that occurs when no natural teeth are left to maintain bone density.)

bone loss (bone resorption) occurs with no teeth or dental implants

Improved Nutrition & Health

Get healthier: increase your nutritional intake and eat harder textured foods without pain or self-consciousness.

No More Denture Adhesives

Disconnect & connect your denture whenever it suits, while enjoying the confidence and comfort of greater retention.

Taste Your Food Again!

We’ll cut away the upper palate of your denture, allowing you to taste your food, with no awkward plastic plate in your mouth.

Easy to Clean

Easily disconnect your denture to clean, avoiding food build up underneath the denture, as well as unpleasant odours.

No More Loose Upper Dentures

Your dentures will no longer shift from left to right when eating, which helps prevent the bone wearing away

Use Your Existing Denture

Unlike All-On-4, you may save thousands by using your existing denture (subject to its condition and age).

Don’t suffer the  inconvenience of a bulky, loose upper denture

Switch to implant supported dentures for better health – and better quality of life!

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