Emergency Denture Repairs in Perth

Your dentures repaired in an hour

Emergency Denture Repairs Joondalup: 9300 1515

Emergency Denture Repairs Leeming: 9332 2020

Emergency Denture Repairs Leederville: 9228 3430

Emergency Denture Repairs Kwinana: 9227 1217

Emergency Denture Repairs Maddington: 9459 9299

Emergency denture repairs at Dentures Plus (Leederville, Leeming, Maddington & Joondalup)

Emergency Dentures Repairs

Broken, chipped, or damaged your denture? Live in Perth? Bring your dentures to us. If they can be repaired, we’ll have them back to you within the hour.

Emergency Denture Repairs at Joondalup, Leederville, LeemingMaddington & Kwinana*

We can repair your dentures while-you-wait, or you can drop them off and pick them up later in the day. Whatever works for you!

*conditions apply

Avoid home repairs

Do not try and fix your cracked or broken dentures. Typically, ‘home repairs’ end up causing more damage, and therefore more expense. Leave it to the experts! Drop your broken dentures off to us; we’ll have your dentures back in working order ASAP.

Dentures are remarkably resilient, but they don’t respond well to sudden, hard forces such as being dropped onto porcelain sinks or tiled floors. As dentures age and the fit declines, they can also be stressed by continual flexing while in use, which results in small cracks that can fracture over time.

  • Registered with all health funds
  • All clinics are Medibank Private Members’ Choice & HBF Member Plus providers (Leederville: Medibank Private Members’ Choice providers only)
  • Denture repairs done in an hour
  • Easy parking
  • 4 clinics in the Perth metro area
  • DVA welcome
Denture being made in our in-house denture lab
Denture being made in our in-house denture lab

Perth’s experts in denture repairs

Dentures Plus all has been providing optimal denture care services to the community for nearly 10 years. Staffed with highly experienced dental prosthetists, we can help with even the most difficult cases.
Dentures Plus is Western Australian owned and operated by dental prosthetist Lucas Lang, who has a Master’s degree in dental prosthetics and has been constructing dentures since 1998.

All branches operate under the same roof, alongside our sister clinic, Dentistry Plus, so all dental work can be performed in the one place!

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1-hour Emergency Denture Repairs at all clinics!

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