The Premium Denture

See, feel & enjoy the difference that quality craftsmanship & high-end materials can make.

Comfortable, perfectly fitting dentures that look and feel like your own teeth are essential for your quality of life. Our high-end range of exquisitely handcrafted dentures allow you to eat, talk and laugh easily – and last a good ten years!

And, with our premium-grade materials, you can rest assured that your smile looks as natural as possible.

The Premium Denture is a cut above the rest:

• Long-lasting – say goodbye to cheap dentures that break easily or succumb to wear and tear
Natural-looking – premium quality materials give a far more natural appearance
• Improved quality of life – enjoy eating, talking and laughing easily once again!
• Suitable for implants – with minor adjustments, the Premium Denture may be connected to implants.

*The Dentures Plus Premium Denture is made of the same materials as the Implant Supported Denture. Therefore, if you later decide to have dental implants, you can have your Premium Denture converted to an implant supported denture.

Price: $6000