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At  Dentures Plus, we’re passionate about creating the best possible dentures for you. We strive to give you  teeth that are as natural-looking and comfortable as possible. And with four clinics in the Perth metro area, we look forward to giving your teeth the expert care they deserve at a clinic close to you.

Our team understand how important your teeth are to you. Whether your teeth are all natural, or you have partial, full or permanent dentures, it’s essential that they are high-quality and fitted perfectly, enabling you to live as healthily and happily as possible.

Dentures Plus are the experts in dentures, having developed an outstanding reputation over many years for creating high-quality, affordable dentures. We have a team of excellently trained and experienced in-house dental prosthetists that can help you with any of your denture needs.

Emergency denture repairs in Perth

If you have broken or damaged your dentures, call us now!

We accept emergency denture repair appointments and on most occasions can see you on the day. Dentures are quite strong and resilient, however if they are subjected to a sudden, hard force, typically such as being dropped onto a tiled bathroom floor, they may break or chip. Sometimes, too, if your denture no longer fits correctly, this can cause friction and a small crack or fracture may develop.

30-minute denture repairs30 minute denture repairs perth

At our Joondalup clinic we offer immediate emergency denture repairs for most denture breakages, turned around in just 30 minutes. Call 9300 1515 during business hours!

Implant supported dentures

Many people in Perth today are reaping the benefits of implant supported dentures. Often referred to as ‘permanent dentures’, implant supported dentures are fantastic news, particularly those who have trouble wearing dentures on their lower jaw. Some individuals also have problems wearing standard dentures because of bone loss, with the poor fit making dentures feel uncomfortable and awkward.

Permanent dentures can:

  • make eating easier
  • greatly improve nutritional intake, thus improving health
  • improve comfort and eliminate pain
  • improve confidence
  • improve speech

Dentures Plus Perth: the perfect choice for implant supported dentures

Dentures Plus has an in-house laboratory at every location run by highly experienced dental prosthetists, which helps to minimise time delays. We also have our sister company, Dentistry Plus, with branches at three of our denture clinics, making communication between the dentist and their prosthetist seamless, at times such as when performing implant dentistry.

banner-bluecheck-man-01Partial & Full Dentures

For the most lifelike, up-to-the-minute partial or full dentures on the market today, contact Dentures Plus. Our experienced dental prosthetist can give you the care and attention needed to create the most natural and comfortable denture just right for you.

Dentures Plus Denture Clinics

Dentures Plus have five clinics across the Perth metropolitan area, in Joondalup, Maddington& Leeming.

Introducing Perth-based Dentistry Plus

We also have a sister company, Dentistry Plus, with three branches in Perth: Joondalup, Maddington & Leeming, so we can service you for absolutely any of your dental health needs!