Are dental implants safe & how long do they last?

By March 31, 2017Dental Implants
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Dental implants are completely safe. Made from titanium alloy which is perfectly safe for biological use (meaning: to put inside your body) implants are not rejected by bone tissue.

Dental implant materials are completely risk-free and don’t carry any chance of infection to any healthy adult. In some instances where a patient may have diabetes or osteoporosis, however, there may be some risk factors to consider. If you suffer from either of these health conditions, talk to your dentist.

Implants also have the benefit of being extremely long-lasting. In fact, for individuals aged 20 years or over, due to the strength of titanium, you can expect to have your implants for life.

Restorations on the implants, such as crowns and dentures, however, may need replacing every ten years or so. This is because they undergo constant wear and tear due to daily chewing and biting.

Low maintenance and long-lasting, implant-supported dentures are not only the preferred solution but are life-changing one for so many people.

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