Dental Implants in Perth: replacement when all teeth are missing

By April 7, 2017Dental Implants
Dental implants in Perth when several or all teeth are missing
Dental implants in Perth when all teeth are missing

What to do when all teeth are missing…

If you’re missing all your teeth, you’re probably wearing conventional dentures right now. Although better than nothing, this doesn’t stop you losing precious bone every year. Dental implants can remedy this problem along with giving you several other benefits. Let’s explore your options here.

The benefits of a tooth root or an implant

When you chew your food with real teeth – or with dental implants, you stimulate your jawbone, which keeps the bone strong. A strong jawbone won’t wither away, giving your face that sunken, collapsed look.

Your options

If you have no teeth left, you have three options:

OPTION ONE: Do nothing and continue to wear conventional dentures. However, you must understand that over time, your jawbone will continue to resorb or disintegrate, which will cause changes in the shape of the face. You also need to regularly have denture relines and every five or six years you’ll need to a new set of dentures.

OPTION TWO: Have four, five or six implants placed in each jaw, along with a fixed bridge secured to the implant. Now, this is the most expensive option, but it’s the closest to bring you back to a normally functioning set of teeth.

OPTION THREE: Have four implants in the upper jaw and just two or four in the lower jaw. Then connect your dentures to the implants. This keeps the cost down while giving you the benefits of a full arch rehabilitation procedure.

And there’s more benefits. Compared to option two, you can connect and disconnect your denture from the implant whenever you like, making it easier to maintain oral hygiene. And, you don’t need to pay 10 or $12,000 for a fixed bridge. Just use your current dentures (if the dental prosthetist finds them suitable) or get a new pair made – at a fraction of a full arch rehabilitation.

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