The Denture Recall Letter – Why Regular Check-ups Are Vital

By October 30, 2013Dentures, Hints and Tips

Last week, the staff sent out a recall letter to denture patients we hadn’t seen in over two years. In the office, we were discussing why a standard, run-of-the-mill letter was so essential to denture wearers.

Such a letter could be easily sniffed at, especially if the denture wearer appears not to have any problems at the moment. Surely, you might think you could wait a little longer before you catch up with your denture clinic? Unfortunately, denture wearers cannot afford to be so casual! It is imperative that they are both meticulous with their oral hygiene and regularly adhere to check-up times at the dental clinic.

Regular check-ups for the denture wearer are vital for a number of reasons:

  • We can ensure that your dentures are fitting correctly and not causing any damage to the underlying tissues.
  • When we inspect your mouth, we can monitor resorption of your gums and the stability of your dentures, making any adjustments necessary. (As time passes, the structures of your face and mouth slowly change, so it’s vital that you keep your regular check – ups so your prosthetist can make these appropriate adjustments.)
  • We can also check your gums and any remaining teeth for the presence of cavities. This is especially vital for the denture wearer as cavities can occur, particularly on root surfaces – a situation that can become nasty.

If you think it’s been a year, or even two years since your last check–up, please call Joondalup on 9300 1515, Maddington on 9459 9299, Leeming on 9332 2020 or Leederville on 9228 3430. Alternatively you can send us an email >>

 Dentures Plus has four locations: Joondalup, Maddington, Leeming & Leederville

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